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Fashion Week

Bella Centre - February 2013

We were placed nearly at the same area as last fair. But we have lost some good neighbours, they have moved to another area with some more younger brands, probably with more synergies between them.

We would have loved to be there too.

It was a little bit quieter at our stand.

We even used more time to do the stand look nicer, with some laundry things from Portugal. One more time, thanks to "Troficolor" for this. We were coming up with a nice fair overall, with good contacts from nice new customers.

So, at the end we were VERY HAPPY.

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Fashion Week

Panorama - January 2013

This is our second fair in Berlin together with "Keen On".

We were placed in a new fair, named Panorama, near the airport Schönefeld, maybe a little bit far away from the center of Berlin. It took too long to reach the fair from the center of Berlin.

Our stand was quite nice.
We have borrowed some laundry equipment from Portugal, washing machines, centrifuges machines, etc. Thanks to the company "Troficolor" for this.

Overall, we had a really nice fair, good reactions. Now it's up to the team from "Keen On" to handle this.
We hope for the best.

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August 2012

Sunday, 19th August we got a call from the factory. They told us, it had burn down almost to the ground.

We went there next day to get a overview. We were in shock, most of the factory was really burn down.

The holidays had just started in Portugal, but all the employers were coming to the factory just to hear if they could do anything to help.

It was like a funeral.


The owner, Mr. Borges, was telling us that he had two options.

"I'm starting to get old, i could take the money from the insurance and settle down, and i don't need to get worried anymore.

But look at all these people, some of them have worked for me over 30 years, my family and of course, our customers, we can not let any of them down.

We will not sit and wait on the insurance money, even if should pay it myself, i will do it."

"So, we had decided to start again, and we do it right now."


We expect to work hard to be able to start production again in 3 weeks from now.
I said to Mr. Borges, whatever we can do to help, we will do.

We are really proud to be a part of a company like this. Portugal needs more people like Mr. Broges.

They worked really hard to get new machinary, organizing all the things from the bottom.
In middle of September, the machines were starting again.


BIG thanks for all this to the family Borges
and all their employers.

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Fashion Week

Bella Center - August 2012

It was our second fair, and we were even more excited this time.

When we arrived, nothing was done with the place, no walls, no lights, nothing at all.

We struggled to assemble our furniture and do the last painting on them.

After some conversations we convinced the fair crew to build up the wall and organize the lights.

It was late before we were able to hang our collection in.


After all our struggling we were satisfied with the result.

As the days pass by at the fair, we were getting even more reaction and attention as last time and catching even more new good customers this time.

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SS 2013 Lookbook - July 2012

Shooting the Spring / Summer 2013 Lookbook in Porto - Portugal, with the photographer Jorge Teixeira and the lovely makeup artist Ana Fiuza.

Caroline Curry and Victoria were our stars and we had nice help from a friend of Caroline.

We started in Afurada, we had a lot of fun with the old ladies in the clothes washing area and the local market.


Unfortunately we spent too much time in Afurada so we got problems entering the Bolhão Market in Porto downtown, it was almost closing time.

The ladies from the market were not so proud of the look of their fruit stands, and didn't want us to take too many pictures.

It was a pity. This is a traditional and old market with a lot of history in the city.

We had a funny time with the waiter from the coffee shop with the sign "Ici on Parle Français".


After this we moved to Alfandega, in the narrow streets and old houses.

We were able to use a little dog and an old school sky-blue motorbike as we were finding on our road.

In the end we were going to Foz, playing with the waves and entering Parque da Cidade after, to catch the sunset.

We wanted to have a picnic there, but it slowly started to rain, so we started to run to the cars. Everybody was exhausted and wanted to go home after a really awesome day with a lot of shooting on many different destinations.

We were curious to see the pictures of the shooting and to start working on the new catalogue.

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the collection
for SS2013

SS2013 - June 2012
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Production AW2012

AW2012 - May 2012

Our second production. Colour trousers + blue denim.

All our production ready to deliver in end of June, start of July.

Our attention to details.

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Fashion Week

Bella Center - February 2012

This is our first fair. We were excited, we had a really nice location near a walking area close to a big entrance.

But in the last second, the fire department, for some safety reason, removed us from our spot and in exchange to this problem we got a much bigger space.


The challenge was to fulfil a much bigger space with the things we had from the previous one. But we came out with nice solutions.

The only problem was the hanging boards from our neighbours "Gozzip Basic" was making some confusions with our name.

But at the end it was our first fair and we were getting some great attentions and reactions.

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Pre AW2012 Lookbook - January 2012

The shooting was in Portugal, Marco de Canaveses / Beach near Furadouro.

Jorge Teixeira, the photographer, was shooting the portuguese model Rita Ferreira, the brazilian model, Caroline Curry and the portuguese guy Yma Rodrigues with the Styling / Makeup / Hair artist Ana Fiuza.

It was a great day, Portugal was showing his best side, the sun and good weather on winter time. Nice... nice...

Ricardo Azevedo was assisting with the car and supplying us with the sandwiches, water, etc for the day.


In the end of day, in Furadouro beach, the sunset was really beautiful. The wind was picking up, and it start to getting a little bit cold.

We decided to finish, actually, the plan was to end the day in front of the fire on the beach, drinking beer and grilling some food.

But still it was a really really awesome day... we were excited to see what we have got in the box and to start to work on the new catalogue for AW 2012.

PRE AW 2012

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Our first Production - December 2011
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